Hill  And  Mountain Top Amateur Link Kontrol

This System was the combined dream of Joseph R Chaido, WJ8G (SK) and Richard (Dick) Fowler II. N8FMD.

The system started around 1985 just after the great flood. As time, money, and equipment was available the system was expanded. At one time this system had 10 fulltime linked repeaters. Over the years tower sites have been lost and interest declined. After JR passed away interest dropped tremendously. Many people over the year have contributed to the whole system in one manner or another.

About June 2012 I took over and purchased all the repeaters in the system other than Spruce Knob and Morgantown. I now have other silent partners helping to repair and replace antenna's, feed-line, repeaters etc. I hope to one day have the system back to what is one was. As time and money permits it will be as great again as it once was...



Doug Cutlip, KX8T